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von Beust & Coll. Beratungsgesellschaft

Personal Consultation

Von Beust & Coll. Beratungsgesellschaft (consultancy) offers companies and associations, which would like to establish and extend the exchange with political decision makers, individual strategical and communicational consultations. In December 2013 it was founded by the associates Ole von Beust and Georg Ehrman as a succession of the individual business consultancy of Mr. von Beust. Both have long-term experience in areas of political campaign work: the former first major, Mr. Ole von Beust, thanks to his different political offices and Mr. Georg Ehrmann as a consultant.

Von Beust & Coll. supports its clients in the positioning process within the political arena and helps them to communicate their concerns accordingly. The consulting company supports its clients regarding the articulation and implementation of their goals as well as the corresponding addressing of political decision makers on state, federal, and EU level. The conception and implementation of political campaigns to set agendas or supervise legal processes is one of the main areas of von Beust & Coll.

Stakeholder-analysis and management, the placement of agendas in the daily and trade media as well as the conception of strategically expedient event formats are also part of our core business.

Our teams in our Berlin and Hamburg branches cover all campaign tools from strategic consultations to complete services. In Brussels, von Beust & Coll. commands a tight network with contacts to all essential European institutions. Thereof comes a comprehensive screening and monitoring of all relevant topics, which will have influence on the consultation and also help to be heard in the difficult environment between Brussels, Strasbourg, and Luxembourg.

The consultants at von Beust & Coll. also support you regarding questions about economic development, formation of start-up companies, association specific topics and about the implementation of public projects.

Based on profound knowledge of the health care systems, von Beust & Coll. also supports clients at the interface of politics and health economy both in issues regarding the autonomy as well as in the medical device area. As effective consultancy service providers the experts of von Beust & Coll. work closely with their clients and develop communication strategies together with them.

Trust is the foundation of every successful cooperation. The foundation of trust is a high level of expertise and experience. This is exactly what distinguishes von Beust & Coll.

Von Beust & Coll. exclusively relies on personal recommendations and therefore only accepts new consultation mandates or participates in tenders in case personal consultation through the holder can be guaranteed.

We advise you personally,
unmediated, and reliably.

von Beust & Coll. Beratungsgesellschaft

Ole Freiherr von Beust 

Ole von Beust is an attorney and associate of von Beust & Coll. Beratungsgesellschaft. From 1993 to 2001 he held the fraction chairmanship of the Hamburg city parliament and from 2001 to 2010 he was also the First Major of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg. Besides that, he also was on the federal executive board of the CDU (Christian Democratic Union party). He still advises the board, currently in the Future Commission. He has extensive media experience. He is chairman of the KuSBau advisory board and senior advisor at Equaty Gate. Ole von Beust is committed to miscellaneous supervisory committees, for example the CH2 Contorhaus Hansestadt Hamburg AG, the Box Direct, in the council he advises the Varengold Wertpapierhandelsbank AG (a securities trading bank) and contributes his experience to the Sustainability Board of the ECE. His detailed knowledge regarding political decision-making processes and his nonpartisan approach to handle problems also during his tenure, provide him access to the political relevant camps.

Georg Ehrmann

Georg Ehrmann is an attorney and associate of von Beust & Coll. Beratungsgesellschaft. As an executive consultant he accompanied the projects of the international strategy consulting agency Advice Partners for two years. For 13 years Georg Ehrmann ran an internationally active NGO located in Berlin and Brussels. Before that he was the legal advisor for an association of statutory health insurance physicians. As an expert on UN- and EU level, official consultant of the Federal Government, appearance in boards of the EU parliament, the Bundestag, the Federal Joint Committee, and the federal state parliament, and an assessor in investigation committees, he has vast experience regarding specific legislative procedures and political lobbying, especially in the health system. Due to appearance in nearly all TV-, print-, and radio formats, he is also familiar with the “other” side of the fence, which provides him with a vital component for the evaluation of the success of public affair measures. Besides the assertion of associations’ and companies’ interests, from his own experience and in the consultancy work, conflict prevention and communication are his main emphasis, he is a lecturer at the Fresenius Hochschule Hamburg. Currently besides customers from the health management he also guides an industry alternative, which cooperates on the implementation of the EU guideline Clean Power For Transport on behalf of BMVI and therefore he is in regular communication with the responsible federal ministries.

Sebastian Frevel

Sebastian Frevel is Managing Partner of von Beust & Coll. Beratungsgesellschaft. An expert in corporate and public affairs, he has been advising companies and associations since 2004 and specialises in strategic representation of interests, political business reputation and stakeholder management. Another core focus of his work is organisational consultancy for associations and companies, for example, founding of an association, establishment of a representative office in the capital and public affairs structures in corporate groups.

Previously, he was responsible for the public affairs portfolio of Advicepartners GmbH as its Managing Director‐ a business consultancy for strategy‐ and communications management in Berlin. Sebastien Frevel has developed various political communications strategies for businesses and associations and has supported numerous legislative processes, predominantly for the economy, environment and consumer policy. He has many years of industry expertise in the industrial, retail, consumer goods, leisure and entertainment, and payment sectors. The political scientist has been a lecturer in public affairs at the Quadriga Hochschule Berlin since 2013.

He is, among other things, a member of de'ge'pol - the German Association of Political Consultants ('Deutsche Gesellschaft für Politikberatung e.V.') and the Society for the Study of Structural Political Issues ('Gesellschaft zum Studium strukturpolitischer Fragen e.V.') as well as founder of the 'Hintergrundkreis' (a select behind-the-scenes discussion group involving politicians and journalists) #Kabinett.

Tessa Rodewaldt

Tessa Rodewaldt (M.A., MSc) is a political scientist and directress of the capital offices of von Beust & Coll. Beratungsgesellschaft. She studied at the University of Tübingen and at the University of California, Berkeley as well as at the London School of Economics. She entered the world of work as a consultant for a British Commoner. She has more than ten years of experience in strategical political counselling and in the cooperation with companies, associations and NGOs as well as with political decision makers at state, federal, and EU level. Before that she was responsible for the work with international companies from the logistic and IT sector on behalf of a consulting agency in Berlin and was doing political lobby work for one of Germany’s leading healthcare companies. Until 2009 she worked for one of the representing public affairs agencies in London, where she ran mainly mandates concerning energy, water, and technology. Because of her vast consultancy work, her strengths lie especially in the development and the implementation of effective political communication programs, the strategic analysis as well as in the development and management of alliances/coalitions.

Thomas Philipp Reiter

Thomas Philipp Reiter is an economist (M.A.) and trained journalist. He is responsible for the Brussels office of von Beust & Coll. Beratungsgesellschaft. He has been working in different international communication agencies, among others at the American-French Havas-Group, as a PR-and political consultant for globally operating customers like AOL, DaimlerChrysler, Samsung since 1997. He was cofounder and executive partner of Germany’s first public affairs agency, POLIS, press spokesman for the telecommunication company Talkline/Tele Danmark and associate of Germany’s oldest PR-agency, Leipziger & Partner. Between 2003-2008 he ran the department of public relations of the Lower Saxony ministry for science and culture and later on he was the press spokesman of the Lower Saxony CDU during Minister-President Christian Wulff’s tenure (2010-2012 Federal President). In his position as a lecturer for political communication at several universities, he published countless professional publications and shared his public affairs experience with his students. Since 2012 he has been advising among others German and international governmental institutions in Brussels regarding the handling of the European institutions.

Selected Credentials

Our customers, coming from the most diverse branches, appreciate discreet handling, therefore we normally do not publish any credentials. The selected projects are public and present a small excerpt of our work.

Maritime LNG Plattform (Maritime LNG Platform)

Von Beust & Coll. Beratungsgesellschaft conceptualized and founded the “Maritime LNG Plattform“ and was assigned the management and the further setup. The goal of this coalition of meanwhile more than 80 international industrial companies, ship owners, harbors, and campaign groups is to create framework conditions for the market introduction of LNG (liquefied natural gas) within the meaning of the mobility- and fuel strategy of the Federal Government as well as actively co-creating the corresponding EU campaign in Berlin and Brussels and this way reaching modern and ecological responsible transport chains. Currently the platform develops on behalf of the federal ministry of transport and infrastructure the foundation for the implementation of the EU guideline Clean Power for Transport and the perpetuation of the mobility- and fuel strategy.

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